FORJA VIVA 2012. Barcelona blacksmith's festival.


Forja Viva, the international blacksmith festival, returns to Barcelona to illuminate with the fire of the fournaces the historic centre of the city.

In this 2012 edition, with the theme “FOR THE LOVE OF ART” , Forja Viva will bring together, once more, master blacksmiths from around the world, workshops, realization of live forged art works, conferences related to iron, metalurgic experiments, exhibitions, initiation workshops for children and adults, guided routes around Barcelona, and at night, concerts, shows and a lot more, all in the warm and festive enviroment so characteristic of this annual gathering.

Forja Viva is organized with the intention to promote, revive and guarantee a quality future for the blacksmith commnity and the forge.

Everyone is welcome to come and participate in this celebration of the world of iron. &

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